Competencies: Feng Shui, Numerology (Ba Zi / Dou Shu), Facial Form, Numbers in the Book of Changes, Martial Arts, etc.

The society invites instructors with rich practical experience and considerable achievements to guide students in Feng Shui, I Ching, Bazi Numerology, Ziwei Doushu and so on. They will interpret the traditional classics in a profound and simple  explicit way to enrich students comprehension of subjects:
Use Feng Shui as an example: in the beginner course -the concept is laid out clearly with easy for students to understand the Luo pan usage.『 The usage of the Bagua / Territorial/Heaven/Human Pan in the first/after days, the difference between Huangquan entering the evil spirit, 72 dragons, 20 dragons and 60 dragons”.
Feng Shui originates from the Book of Changes : as stated in the ancient three realms of Heaven/Earth/Man Sancai Philosophy ( The Chinese Correlative Universe )

The  Heaven of The Astrophysical Environment
Yellow Emperor start year three Yuan upper middle lower ); Nine Luck periods.
The  Earth at The Geophysical Environment
FS  Form School- Shape method ]
People Man at The Metaphysical Environment [  FS Compass School – qi ]

The 2 most basic sects


Situation – Pattern ]形勢宗 格局

Also known as Xingfa, Luantou, Sanhe
” Four spirit “

[Li Qizong  ]【理氣宗】

Also known as Sanyuan, Theory & Law Qi (Auspicious)

【Date selection, Taoist Talisman

日法 符法

Comment on

Qi:  focus on achieving the unity of heaven, earth and man in time series

Qi/Chi: Qi [寻龙] True)

Postionaal direction
(9 star peaks)
4 Celestial Animal
possession of the wind    + poly gas 70%         
observed sand]    [ Guanshui]    
show) (Love)   ⇓          ⇓ acupuncture (true & deep) hole [possession of the wind on the water gas to obtain &]
Compass  School
stand up to  30%   (Auspicious)                 ⇓【Theories of mutual generation and restraint between Yin and Yang, the five elements, the zodiac of the stems and branches, the Eight Diagrams and the Nine Palaces】  

Notes ( important points):

  1. Looking for the dragon (using the nine-star method/5 elements method) to examine the dragon: eg. Greedy Wolves, Giant Gates, Lucun, Wenqu..(貪狼,巨門,祿存,文曲…)..

The dragon shape and position are important!

  2. Acupuncture: (5 important points)

    1. Get water first, 2. Store wind and gather energy, 3. The acupuncture points must be true, 4. Three shapes and four potentials, 5. Four formations and ten seats

  3. Chasha (elegent): the pattern formed by the surrounding mountains or buildings (mutual enhancement with no restrainment)

  4. Watching water: Good water/bad water; Mountain augment personnel growth, Waters augment  the wealth

– Practical Water Dragons  Water Method (12 Water Method) & Direction

  5.  Standing direction five look ): 1. Doorway  2. Mingtang  3. Air port  4. Water port  5. Sand port

Instructor publication:
Master Gao
 Xuankong Dagua
 Master Zuo has read many sutras and sutras when he was young, and even more after he joined the society Visit the Master everywhere and gather the best of each family.
 With more than ten years of teaching experience, many people come here to study.
 The Xuankong Dagua is based on the Book of Changes, which is solid academically.
 The advantage is that it is meticulous, unmatched by other factions.
 The ancestors’ graves of the former richest man in Taiwan also used Xuan Kong’s big hexagrams to promote wealth.
 Application in wealth, affection, career, and disease.
 Fengshui used by the imperial family of the Forbidden Palace was only used by the people due to the chaos of the war.
Eight-character Fengshui
 When he was young, Master Zuo had already read many sutras and sutras. After he joined the society, he visited Masters everywhere to gather the best of his family.
 With more than ten years of teaching experience, many people come here to study.
 Learn the eight-character feng shui layout to master the eight-character fortune-telling. Those who like numerology should not miss it.
 How to combine the Bazi natal chart with the house feng shui
 How to choose your own favorable residence
 The targeted promotion method every month
 The application of Bazi Feng Shui Jiuqian Teacher-“Nine Thousand Flying Stars-Fei Xing Pai Zi
Wei Dou The author of “Study Profound Meaning”
…….and many more

Dr. Wu:
-Dr. Wu has a master of business administration and a doctorate in business administration, has extensive knowledge of books, and has studied Chinese and Western.
-Since childhood, I have a strong interest in metaphysics, and I was also inspired by the enlightenment of several masters of Feng Shui metaphysics. They have unique and outstanding accomplishments.
-It also combines the application of modern scientific theories to flexibly cooperate in the use of metaphysics.
“Qimen Dunjia”
-“Qimen Dunjia” is the first of the three styles in ancient China, and also the number one secret technique among the three secret treasures of Qimen, Liuren and Taiyi.
-This technique was originally used by ancient military divisions to assist the emperor. It was used in marching operations. It was related to national security and the control of chaos in the world, so it was called “the study of the emperor.”
-The so-called “learn to escape from the strange door, do not ask anyone who comes here”. The mystery is extremely secretive and must not be disclosed to outsiders, so it can be said to be the secret in the secret biography.
-Qimen Dunjia constitutes a unity of time and space, including heaven, earth, man, god (dark matter in the universe) and all symbols are made of gods, that is, ten heavenly stems, twelve earthly branches, nine-stars, and eight gates Sixty-four symbols of, Eight Gods, Eight Diagrams, and Nine Palaces.
-Qimen Dunjia uses these sixty-four symbols to analogize everything in the world, combined into a multi-dimensional and three-dimensional dynamic universe thinking model, mainly based on the time information in the model, and systematically speculate, so as to achieve prediction and avoid auspiciousness. Fierce prediction method. “Study of eight-character names”
-“Study of names” originated from the philosophical thoughts of the sages in our country, as the thinker Confucius said: “If the name is not correct, the words will not go well.”
-The number of strokes in the name each has its own natural force. This force can be divided into good and bad, just like heaven and earth have yin and yang, and everything has softness and rigidity, which will also produce different good and bad to dominate life.
-At the same time, “four-column and eight-character” is doomed to a person’s fate and destiny, and the four-column and eight-character naming method is to strengthen the advantages in the eight characters and correct the disadvantages in the eight characters.
-The four-column eight-character name study is based on the theological method to obtain the meaning of the word, according to the four principles of disease medicine, restraint, awaiting, and customs clearance, to determine the use of the name to help the balance of the eight-character pattern. Good luck avoids evil to change destiny. Pan Yong, Ken Poon
was taught astrology by an elder returned from India when he was a teenager. From the age of 13 years old, he learned martial arts and Tai Chi Yin-Yang Yi Li with [Jing Wu Hui] Li Fanping. After leaving the campus, he began to learn the five skills from the famous teachers of various schools, and got enlightenment by Teacher Lin Guoxiong, advanced palmistry, Taiyi, Qimen, Liuren; Wenwang Gua, Plum Blossom Heart Yi, Yiyi; Western Astrology, Seven Governments and More than Four, Various Choosing the day; the Southern and Northern Schools of Ziwei Doushu; Xingming, Blind School, and Ziping Numerology; Impermanence School of Xuankong Dagua, Sanhe, Water Law, Six Laws, Flying Stars, Long Eyes, Somethings, etc. Yin and Yang Nizhai Fengshui.
To this day, I still work tirelessly, bury my head in the argument, and use the [Book of Changes] as the way of lifelong learning! In 1999, the [Life Fengshui Kaiyun Museum] was opened; in the
same year, I was invited by the [LCSD] to host the festival; Tsim East [Oriental Market] Feng Shui consultant; in
2008, published a number of metaphysical articles for [Sheng Pao];
2013 Write a metaphysics column for [New Newspaper]. Major:
Major in radio and telecommunications engineering, minor in behavioral psychology, former chief engineer of television station and technical director of multimedia production group, currently director of technology company and consultant of China-Hong Kong business affairs development.
“Bazi Numerology I, II, III”
This course is designed from the simplest to the deeper. It eliminates the rigid pattern, uses vivid natural phenomena and combines real life experience to avoid memorizing difficult ancient verses and fully understand the gains and losses in numerology. ups and downs.
I hope that with half a year of study time, students will be able to reach the basic level, interpret their own Bazi numerology, initially grasp the direction and opportunities of the Universiade and fleeting years, and lay a solid foundation for the future learning of various types of metaphysics!