Feng Shui, Numerology (Bazi/Doushu), (Yin/ Yang) Pan Qimen Dunjia, Yi Jing 周易: yin-yang cosmology, King Wen Divination, I Ching Numbers Theory, Martial Arts, etc.

Payment method

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Note: your [fee x1.04%]  due to card company charge 4%


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各相關途徑{A/B/C}繳費,保存收條正本以作紀錄/(Various Payment {A/B/C} channels & your receipt for records):

A. Bank (ATM) / (支票機 /Bank Check Machine):




Nanyang Commercial Bank

(匯豐銀行/恆生銀行 ATM transfer)

HSBC /Hang Seng Bank ATM transfer          /or

(恆生支票機Hang Seng Check Machine )


中國銀行/Bank of China

Accounts #/


043-506-0-007511-7 263-231540-888


ATM Transfer/


古學今用學會 Diu Chin Kee

Diu Chin Kee

Deposit in ATM/存入支票機 古學今用學會 Diu Chin Kee

Diu Chin Kee

B.  Internet Banking/網上銀行支付

C. Mobile Payment/移動支付:      [Alipay HK /WeChat pay HK]

Scan related QR code below): Mobile phone (852)68087258 (Diu Chin Kee)

Faster Payment System (FPS):

        FPS ID is 5462783 

Alipay HK

Wechat pay HK

or WeChat (Rmb)

Send Money Worldwide:
      Better FX rates / 55 currencies/ 24/7 support
2.  https://www.xoom.com/
 Send money abroad with Xoom / Xoom輕鬆進行國際匯款
     3 easy ways to send money
     e.g. Send money to almost any bank account
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