Metaphysics/ Fengshui, Qimen Dunjia: Zi said: “Easy with the heaven and the earth, so the way of the heaven and the earth can be promulgated”.

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2021 Home Fengshui Master Gao Junyu )

Analysis of Xin Chou (Niu) Year’s Home Feng Shui Precautions:

-Use Feng Shui to achieve prosperity

-Want to get a promotion and raise your salary, get a job and change jobs, so that your career will improve

-Arrange a Feng Shui bureau that is favorable for studying

-Where is Xin Chounian’s illness, it’s hard for a daughter to buy health

-Teach you to choose the ideal residential home

-Steps and precautions for receiving the God of Wealth in the New Year, let you be lucky in 2021

1 6 /1   Sat

– 9:  pm

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