Numerology, Fengshui, (Yin-pan/Yang-pan) Qimen Dunjia, Xuankong Bagua Fengshui, BaZi Fengshui, King Wen Divination, etc.

The  Aims of the Society (學會宗旨)

The Book of Changes has Yili Yi and Xiang Shu Yi, these reins deeply into broad spectrum of Chinese metaphysical wisdoms applied in different aspects of life: Fengshui, numerology (BaZi/Doushu), Facial features, 
different applications of numerical aspects from Yi Ching(e.g. phone/car-plate numbers affecting your life), martial arts, etc.
Introduction of the Society
The Society is composed of a group of people who are deeply rooted in the  traditional Chinese Metaphysical cultures: they are good at interpreting traditional classics into a simple  easy-to-understand  wisdoms of ancient sages.  The  society offers courses in following areas: the Book of Changes (widely known as Yi Ching) and Feng Shui,  Health preservation , Yi Ching in Business management, Sun Tzu Art of War, Tao Te Ching and I Ching Divination, etc.

Chinese Metaphysical cultures are extensive and profound with over 5000 years of development.  These will help us to realize our dreams, create values, and obtain a happy life. Wisdom help us to simply daily lives, get rid of confusion, worry and emptiness ; Wisdom health preservation help us to achieve longevity.