Feng Shui, Numerology (Bazi/Doushu), (Yin/ Yang) Pan Qimen Dunjia, Yi Jing 周易: yin-yang cosmology, King Wen Divination, I Ching Numbers Theory, Martial Arts, etc.

Fundations of Metaphysics

Chinese Wisdom 1 : The  concept of harmony between man and nature

                                        (mastering “time, place, and harmony  ” to help individuals achieve lifelong careers)

(The Chinese Correlative Universe): Feng Shui originates from the Book of Changes: the philosophy of the three realms of heaven, earth and man (three talents 三才) in ancient times

The  Heaven 天
of The Astrophysical Environment
e.g. Emperor start year : three yuan 三元(上,中,下) ( upper/middle/lower ); Nine Luck periods

The  Earth 地
The Geophysical Environment

 e.g. [ FS  Form School- 形法 ]

The Man 人

The Metaphysical Environment

e.g. [  FS Compass School -“Qi 理氣” ]

more can be expressed in these metaphysical basics :  Heavenly stem & Earthy branches ,  five elements ,  pre-heaven/post-heaven Baqua, Hetu Luoshu from Book of Changes  etc.   

Chinese Wisdom 2 :  The context of these Chinese cultures are all derived from the [Book of Changes].

   –Three cryptographic keys to the Universe and Life – it help to comprehends the ancient understanding of the universe through the form/structure expressed in Yi numerical expressions either through Yi Jin

(the Book of Changes or Plum Blossom divination)

  1. The son said: “Easy to match the heaven and the earth, so the way of the heaven and the earth can be prosperous.”
  2. “Why does the husband change things ? The husband manages things and makes things happen , risking the world’s way, just like this. So the saint’s ambition to pass the world, to set the world’s karma, to break the world’s doubts.

Copulative downstream :  ancient packet’s Xi Wang Tianxia also ,  Yang the elephant in the day ,  overlooking the view in the method ,  Viewpoint birds of the text ,  and the ground should ,  nearly taken from the body ,  away from the objects ,  So I started to make gossip ,  with the virtue of communicating with the gods ,  with the love of all things[All-inclusive ,  all-encompassing].

Chinese Wisdom 3: Five Skills 五術: 山、醫、命、相、卜- “Mountain, Medicine, Life, Form, Divination;  “

 Mountain -internal medicine (health preservation, alchemy, qigong); surgery (boxing, kungfu, etc.)Medicine -Internal medicine (Chinese medicine treatment, acupuncture); Surgery (Tuina, Biao Da, etc.) Chinese medicine can see the application of image, number and digital culture from the <Huang Di Nei Jing>(eg 12 meridians, etc…)RK: All of the above are very scientific and very accomplished.The following three categories are mostly misunderstood as superstitions:Ming -Ziping’s eight characters, Ziwei Doushu, etc.;  phase -human phase & earth phase (comprehensive art): Yangzhai/YinzhaiBu – Zhuge Liang of the Han Dynasty, Li Chunfeng of the Tang Dynasty, Shao Kangjie of the Song Dynasty, Liu Bowen of the Ming Dynasty, and Zeng Guofan of the Qing Dynasty were proficient in this techniqueothers pending

Need basic knowledge in different fields:
 Ganzhi expression [time and space password ]
Book of Changes⎾ as the number ⏌ Feng Shui character Another day Number of buckets Qimen Dunjia Meihuayi King Wen Gua

1. 1. Zodiac : the coding of time and spaceGanzhi is the collective name of the heavenly stem and the earthly branch . It is a set of symbols used to calculate the calendar in ancient China; the two are combined into sixty pairs in a certain combination, which is a cycle. It is also called the sixtieth flower in the following table.

Heavenly stem- 5th day star [gold, wood, water, fire, earth]
Five Elements wood fire earth gold water
Heavenly A, B C , D E, self G, Xin Ren, Kui
Earthly Branch Yin, Mao Pat , afternoon Chen, Xu, Ugly, Wei Shen, You Hai, Zi
position east south in WEAT north
Hexagram Tremor, sunda from Kun, Gen Redeem, dry Hom
Number of rivers 3 , 8 2 , 7 5 , 10 4 , 9 1 , 6
Lost number Three greens ,  four greens Nine purple Two black ,  five yellow ,  eight white Six white ,  seven red Yibai
colour green red yellow White black
Six Beasts Qinglong Suzaku Gou Chen, Newborn Snake White tiger Basalt
taste acid bitter sweet hot salty
Four o’clock spring summer four seasons autumn winter
dirty liver heart spleen lung kidney
internal organs Guts Small intestine stomach the large intestine Triple Burner ,  Bladder
organ Item tongue mouth nose ear
body Tendons pulse meat skin bone
temperament angry like think worry fear
wood fire earth gold water
Yang+ A C E Geng Ren
yin- B Ding already Xin Decay
A and B meet for comparison and confrontation.Bingding meets as a comparison, a raging fire.E has seen each other for comparison, for increase and accumulation.Gengxin meets for comparison and fight.Rengui meets for comparison, for flooding
Earthly Branch-the relative relationship between the earth and the sunShows annual and daily cycles

Shen You Yinmao  Zihai Wu Si Chen Xu Chou WeiGold wood water fire earth

Rk:  Why doesn’t Jiamu make C fire?  <Xiangke=Xiangsheng and Ten-Xiang [Clearance];Xiangsheng=Xiang-ke and Ten-Xiang

2. Time coding
1ten days 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Empty/empty
Jiazi Otocho Bing Yin Ding Mao Wuchen Jisi Gengwu Xin Wei Renshen Guiyou Xu Hai
Jiaxu Yihai Bingzi Ding Chou Wu Yin Ji Mao Gengchen Xin Si Renwu Guiwei Shen You
Jiashen Otoyou Bingxu Ding Hai Wuzi Ugly Geng Yin Xin Mao Renchen Guisi Noon
Jiawu Otomi Bingshen Ding You Wuxu Jihai Boxer Xin Chou Ren Yin Guimao Tatsumi
Jiachen Otomi Bingwu Ding Wei Wushen Jiyou Gengxu Xinhai Renzi Gui Chou Yinmao
Jia Yin Otsuma Bingchen Ding Si Wuwu Has not Gengshen Xin You Renxu Guihai Zi Chou

Rk:  Where dead air – Imagery represents no strength , empty ,  no result and so on .

Five Elements: Wang Xiangxiu died in prison4 seasonsWang ( born me ): quite vigorous ; Phase ( with me) : Generally vigorous state.Hugh ( Ig) : retreat to rest ;     Prisoner ( Keme ) : exhausted and detained. Die (to  vent me) ; restrained and have no hope of surviving