Feng Shui, Numerology (Bazi/Doushu), (Yin/ Yang) Pan Qimen Dunjia, Yi Jing 周易: yin-yang cosmology, King Wen Divination, I Ching Numbers Theory, Martial Arts, etc.

Consultation Service

The society not only provides a platform for students to learn, exchange and experience the profound wisdom of the ancients, but also provide services and referrals for some cases to alleviate the adversity in life caused by ignorance and mistaken entry.

Feng Shui [office/home] consultation service

The Feng Shui method used in the house can bring us auspicious effects (e.g. occupants’ career, interpersonal relationship, physical health and husband/wife relationship).

Information to be provided: Residents’ birth dates; house plan (provided as much as possible).

Steps: 1. Field survey and measurement, 2. Detailed technical analysis and explanation, 3. Provide the best layout plan.

Name and change consultation service

The name of a person not only represents a symbol, but also expresses the spirit of the person. It is an invisible force that can bring a powerful effect. It is also related to the career, marriage, health, and interpersonal relationship of a person’s life. The same is true for the naming and operation of the company.

“Naming Scheme” is a branch developed from the “Book of Changes”. It is a kind of numerology that contains the concepts of five elements, yin & yang, and five elements. It contains thorough and rigorous scientific principles. Once a person’s name is determined, all the information about the person’s life is stored. Therefore, no matter how you name it or change it, you must be careful not to ignore it. The elements of a good name: good-sounding, loud, happy to use the gods, “three talents 三才” are properly configured, no bad homophony, auspicious characters, and can also make up for the defects and deficiencies of BaZi.

Service items: personal renaming/naming of newborn babies

Other services ask things such as phone numbers, Face and complexion explained, and so on .

If you need the above services, please call 68086258, thank you.